Vampire the Masquerade: A Pain That I'm Used To Session 5 - Just Can't Get Enough

Episode 177 September 24, 2021 02:47:24
Vampire the Masquerade: A Pain That I'm Used To Session 5 - Just Can't Get Enough
Boogieman Buddies
Vampire the Masquerade: A Pain That I'm Used To Session 5 - Just Can't Get Enough

Show Notes

It's time to strike at the Sabbat! Johnathan, ever the noncombatant, elects to stay behind and watch over Luke, who seems to have caught the eye of the Fennec. Salem and Cor, however, go with Stank-Eye and the Anarchs to deal with the Sabbat, and join up with a new Kindred, a Gangrel named Basilus. What horrors await them as they go up against a fleshcrafter?

CONTENT WARNING: We are playing Vampire: The Masquerade. VtM only half-romanticizes vampires, and a large portion of the game is about exploring just how much of a monster you're willing to become. Since this game deals with heavier issues than most games we tend to play on this podcast, I am issuing content warning for the following subjects: Blood, violence, body horror, abuse of all forms, issues of consent, torture This episode in particular also depicts a vampire turning into a spider-like creature in the context of supernatural horror If you feel uncomfortable to listening to any of these subjects, please tread lightly, and we won't blame you for skipping this campaign if you do.

Music Credits: Intro: Main Menu - Rik Schaffer

Team Meeting: Mission Impossible - Rik Schaffer

Enemy Den: Dangerous Places - Rik Schaffer

Sabbat Combat: Dark Ages Boss 1 - Chris Collins, Greg Forsberg, Rob Ross

Postfight: New York City Hub - Chris Collins, Greg Forsberg, Rob Ross

The Fennec: Aiden Pearce (Main Theme) - Brian Reitzell

Incoming Sunrise: Downtown Hub (Unused Alternate) - Rik Schaffer

End of Session: Vesuvius - Rik Schaffer

Outro: The Prince's Dream - Rik Schaffer

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