Boogieman Buddies

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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Telltale Hunt Session 25 - The Battle of the Bands

    Amber drives her car. Cooper goes to Wal-Mart. Jorgen goes to the battle of the bands. The Gang deal with the Jersey Devil. ...


  2. The Telltale Hunt Session 24 - Subject NJ-1909-Q7R

    Jorgen prepares for the battle of the bands. Amber gets protective of a friend. Cooper does an OSHA. The Gang runs into a famous monster. ...


  3. The Telltale Hunt Session 23 - Laser Tag

    Amber gets a visit. Cooper sweeps for bugs. Jorgen prepares for Halloween. The gang goes laser tagging. ...


  4. The Telltale Hunt Session 22 - The Coven

    Cooper gets stuck. Amber enchants her knife. Jorgen drops the sword. The gang makes a few new enemies... ...


  5. The Telltale Hunt Session 21 - Leakin Park

    Jorgen gets gas. Amber gets lunch. Cooper gets some news. The Gang head into one of the deadliest places in the US. ...