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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week
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  1. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 80 - Hoobajoob

    Grant succeeds at a ritual, hilariously. Roxanne activates her stanky wizard eyes. Steiner engages in some wild speculation. The squad plus two move to close out a sixty-year old case. Music Credits: Intro: Snakes and Ladders - Emancipator A Chosen Branch: Not in Blood, But in Bond - Hans Zimmer Heimatbasis: the matter ...


  2. Trendsetters Issue 43 - Quite Jolting

    This is it. #Trending returns to Halcyon with a plan to take the Transistor Tyrant and his kids down for good. But it's not just the city they're fighting for, it's basically everything from the state, the country, the continent, and even the world as d'Auffay moves ever forward for ...


  3. The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 3 - The Maker of Masks

    The Bookstore Bunch gets a surprise client who needs a job done under the official channels. Rhia Bowes, Director of the DHEA, hires them to hunt down a dangerous monster the previous iteration of the organization held and was let loose by Morgan Reynolds. A theif of faces, a terror ...


  4. Trendsetters Issue 42 - Penultimate Knockdown

    The Transistor Tyrant has put #Trending through the ringer, and they came through the other end completely unprepared for the fight they'll need to do. So they do the smartest thing they can: Run. The city, nation, and world at large are in chaos, the heroes down for the count, ...


  5. The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 2 - The Blood Red Queen

    The Bookstore Bunch has everything they need to solve the mystery, now it just comes down to one thing: Summoning Bloody Mary and confirming everything. But things are never that simple, as the Ravens have gotten a tip that a certain someone is using illegal magic to summon the very ...