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Vampire the Masquerade: A Pain That I'm Used To Session 3 - People Are People

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Vampire the Masquerade: A Pain That I'm Used To Session 3 - People Are People

The Coetrie makes a big decision. However, before they cal follow through on that, Chicago is still in a disarray of chaos. They decide to follow up on the Second Inquisition, the US's government-backed vampire hunting squad, and keep the rest of their kind, regardless of affiliation or clan, safe. However, it too ends in a way that will end up surprising everyone... including Johnathan. Finally, their new best friend gives Salem a call, and asks some questions about Chicago's fearless blood-mage leader...

CONTENT WARNING: We are playing Vampire: The Masquerade. VtM only half-romanticizes vampires, and a large portion of the game is about exploring just how much of a monster you're willing to become. Since this game deals with heavier issues than most games we tend to play on this podcast, I am issuing content warning for the following subjects: Blood, violence, body horror, abuse of all forms, issues of consent, torture If you feel uncomfortable to listening to any of these subjects, please tread lightly, and we won't blame you for skipping this campaign if you do.

Music Credits: Intro: Main Menu - Rik Schaffer

Last Light: Santa Monica Theme - Rik Schaffer

Team Meeting: Mission Impossible - Rik Schaffer

The Prince of Chicago: Noblesse Oblige - James Salvatore

Chipped Pair: Haven - Kevin Manthei

Bad Business: What Comes Next (feat. Brunon Lubas) - James Salvatore

The Second Inquisition: Modern Day Hunter - Chris Collins, Greg Forsberg, Rob Ross

Road Rage: Modern Day Boss 1 - Chris Collins, Greg Forsberg, Rob Ross

Interrogation: The Air Is A Little Thick Isn't It - James Salvatore

The Fennec: Aiden Pearce (Main Theme) - Brian Reitzell

In-Betweeners: The Most Beautiful of the Kindred - James Salvatore

End of Session: Vesuvius - Rik Schaffer

Outro: The Prince's Dream - Rik Schaffer

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