Trendsetters: Legacy Issue 1 - The Golden Age

Episode 124 November 06, 2020 02:27:40
Boogieman Buddies
Trendsetters: Legacy Issue 1 - The Golden Age

Show Notes

And now for something a bit different. Join Bobbin Threadbare's tale in the world of Trendsetters (kinda)! Ballyhoo, played by Ape, Cufflink, played by Cat, and Rethink, played by Colin, get a new base as part of a deal! But disaster strikes and they're teleported far away... in a matter of speaking. Can the group, which has not been able to agree on a name, manage to make it home safely? Find out in Trendsetters: Legacy! Music Credits: Into: Tin Soldiers - Ed Harrison Team Time 1: Kingside Castle - Clark Powell & Robert J! Lake Time Master: One Hell Of A Time - Kirstofer Maddigan Tension: Inkwell Hell - Kirstofer Maddigan The Captainalist: Title Theme - Hiroshi Yamaguchi Team Time 2: All Bets Are Off - Kirstofer Maddigan Hero Work: Introduction - Kirstofer Maddigan Villain Fight: Clip Joint Calamity - Kirstofer Maddigan The Vigilance Society: Courageous Hero Theme Saxton Barbar: Nightmare - Malcolm Brown Cooldown: Inkwell Isle Three (Piano) - Kirstofer Maddigan Ending: Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman End of Session: Porkrind's Shop - Kirstofer Maddigan Outro: Closing Credits - Kirstofer Maddigan

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