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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week

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  1. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 64 - It Was Repulsed By Desperation

    Roxanne wields Facts and Logic. Grant gets dramatically dogpiled. Steiner hangs on by a thread. The squad very nearly doesn't get their way. Music Credits: Intro/Tension: O magico - Taku Iwasaki The Spring Court: Mai - Yuki Kajiura Fight Theme 6: Doombox - Team Reptile The Liminal Space: "I" Am Here - Chikayo Fukuda Postfight: Explain ...


  2. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Supplemental Material 04 - Absolutely Stumped Why I Hang Out With These People

    Chloe, for once, is the worst person in the room. Music Credits: Sense of Crisis - Taku Iwasaki Useless Chatting - Yuki Kajiura ...


  3. Trendsetters Issue 27 - Anomalous Zones

    #Trending is back on Earth, and enjoying some nice time between life-threatening adventures. Gary sets up for something big and helps Robin train, then gets a message that could mean doom for everyone. Nicolai talks about his future with the CEO, then has to deal with the DHEA trying to ...


  4. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 63 - It Was Created By Chance

    Steiner gets invaded. Roxanne leaves to stare at mold. Grant gets triggered. The squad is faced with an unfinished story. Music Credits: Intro/Tension: O magico - Taku Iwasaki Fight Theme 5: Devil's Beat - Kenichiro Suehiro Fight Theme, Fleeing: kampf - Taku Iwasaki Postfight: Explain Music - Taku Iwasaki Investigation: searching for the solution - Yuki ...


  5. Trendsetters Issue 26 - Quick Quarrel

    It's the final event! A fight to the death among the fourt remaining teams, in an arena so elaborate it belongs in a Star Wars movie. But before that even happens, Silver Skeleton has a heart-to-heart with Megalad about his worldviews, history, and brings forth a surprising revelation. How will ...