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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week

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  1. Trendsetters Issue 41 - Observe Lies

    E̶v̸e̵r̴y̷t̵h̵i̷n̴g̶ ̷i̵s̵ ̸f̴i̴n̴e̵.̶ ̴Y̴o̴u̷r̸ ̵h̴e̵r̷o̶e̶s̸ ̶a̴r̸e̴ ̸n̵o̶t̶ ̶i̶n̸ ̸a̷n̷y̵ ̴d̴a̴n̴g̷e̵r̴.̷ Editor's notes: Content warning for non-graphic depictions of severe body dismorphia and self-harm during the first 30 minutes Music Credits: Clores Concern: Trials - Damjan Mravunac Nicolai's Theme: Utopia - The Enigma TNG Rising Danger: Crypto - Kevin MacLeod Delarue Downer: Exhausted Options - Brad Podray Investigation: ...


  2. The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 1 -Baltimore, Black Magic, and Break Ins

    Over a year and a half after Morgan Reynolds changed the world forever, some things about Baltimore never change. A hotspot for activies of the supernatural and paranormal. A simmering rage lurking just under the surface. Then, of course, there are the murders. We join Dawn Rhodes, Jeremiah Boscoe, and ...


  3. The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 0 - A Little Quickie

    Ape had real life things going on, so we did a quick Monster of the Week thing! Music Credits: Main Menu - Jared Emerson-Johnson ...


  4. Trendsetters Issue 40 - Noteworthy Manifest

    #Trending is in a race against time. In an effort to slow the Captainalist down, they pull off an attack on multiple fronts yet again. While Switch confronts the man himself, and Nicolai plans to take Sam's accidental confession to a national level, Sundog, Poltergeist, and Mooncat raid his office. ...


  5. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 79 - We Break, And Break, And Break

    An angel frees an heir, takes lifeblood from the divine, and watches the cracking of a shell. A mage gains a greater understanding of the core of a person's being and saves a heart gripped by terror. A scientist builds a frightening shield for a dear friend and tries to ...