The Telltale Hunt: The Socal Squad Session 24 - Y O U M U S T L I S T E N

Episode 45 January 13, 2020 01:43:48
The Telltale Hunt: The Socal Squad Session 24 - Y O U  M U S T  L I S T E N
Boogieman Buddies
The Telltale Hunt: The Socal Squad Session 24 - Y O U M U S T L I S T E N

Jan 13 2020 | 01:43:48


Show Notes

Steiner goes lumberjacking. Grant has a brush with death. Roxanne performs an execution. The squad recieves a message of unknown importance. Music Credits: Intro: apparition - Taku Iwasaki The Killing Blow 1: tactics - Taku Iwasaki The Killing Blow 2: konfrontation - Taku Iwasaki Dying Words: c.mosquito - Taku Iwasaki Postfight: no fragrance - ALI PROJECT Evading Pursuit: What Has to Be Defeated - Taku Iwasaki Steiner's Theme: None Shall Pass, Instrumental - Aesop Rock Roxanne's Theme: Catacomb Kids, Instrumental - Aesop Rock Menfolk's Theme: Bring Back Pluto, Instrumental - Aesop Rock The Whole Cell: Five Fingers, Instrumental - Aesop Rock Grant's Theme: Fryerstarter, Instrumental - Aesop Rock End of Session: 4242564 - Taku Iwasaki Outro: The Projector - April Rain Siren Head sounds created by overlaying combinations of the following tracks: Candle World and Block World - Kikiyama Black Mesa Inbound, A Red Letter Day, Sandtraps, Trainstation Pt.1, Trainstation Pt.2, and Echoes of a Resonance Cascade - Kelley Bailey Giygas Into - Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Hiroshi Kanazu Waterfall (GENOCIDE) - Toby Fox Hallway Ambiance - Scott Cawthon Disc Thirteen - Daniel Rosenfeld Numbers Station Compilation - Air raid siren - 3 5 09 FPL Nuclear Siren Test - And radio chatter made from recordings of global short-wave radio stations, check out to listen in and record your own! Siren Head is property of and used with permission from Trevor Henderson. Follow him on twitter @slimyswampghost

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