Trendsetters Issue 42 - Penultimate Knockdown

Episode 165 July 02, 2021 02:43:00
Trendsetters Issue 42 - Penultimate Knockdown
Boogieman Buddies
Trendsetters Issue 42 - Penultimate Knockdown

Jul 02 2021 | 02:43:00


Show Notes

The Transistor Tyrant has put #Trending through the ringer, and they came through the other end completely unprepared for the fight they'll need to do. So they do the smartest thing they can: Run. The city, nation, and world at large are in chaos, the heroes down for the count, and many of their friends and loved ones are still in danger. What can the young heroes possibly hope to accomplish?

Music Credits: The Transistor Tyrant: He's Awake - Marco Beltrami, Philip Glass, Pete Anthony

Cooling Off: Hepcram - Nujabes & Dionna

Diamond Dogs, Rough: Austin, Atlantis + Remaster - Clark Powell

Outsider Art: Footprint - Ed Harrison

Team Time: Immorta's Theme - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

TechHeads: Stopgap - Ed Harrison

Hard Times: Losers - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Delarue Downer: Exhausted Options - Brad Podray

Planning: EV02 Briefing 1 - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Heroic Struggle: The Space Beast Diekuu Ohrowchee (Revived) - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Penny's Theme: Notation - El Huervo, Pelle Cahndlerby, Mikael Norrgard

The Silver Skeleton: Hazardous Environments - Kelly Bailey

Darksiders: Tau-9 - Kelly Bailey

Rising Danger: Crypto - Kevin MacLeod

End of Session: End Credits Suite - Christopher Young

Outro: Evergreen - Two Steps From Hell

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