The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 2 - The Blood Red Queen

Episode 2 July 01, 2021 02:14:46
The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 2 - The Blood Red Queen
Boogieman Buddies
The Telltale Hunt: Baltimore 2021 Session 2 - The Blood Red Queen

Jul 01 2021 | 02:14:46


Show Notes

The Bookstore Bunch has everything they need to solve the mystery, now it just comes down to one thing: Summoning Bloody Mary and confirming everything. But things are never that simple, as the Ravens have gotten a tip that a certain someone is using illegal magic to summon the very monster that they know has been killing mages in town. Can everyone play nice long enough to make sure that Fairechild gets what he deserves, or will things go even worse than expected?

Music Credits:

Intro: Main Menu - Jared Emerson-Johnson

Preparations: Alchemy Lab - Jared Emerson-Johnson

The DHEA: Under Arrest - Jared Emerson-Johnson

Bloody Mary: Scared - Jared Emerson-Johnson

The Quiet Way In: Prince Lawrence's Home - Jared Emerson-Johnson

The Loud Way Out: VS Jersey Devil - Jared Emerson-Johnson

Denouement: Farewells - Jared Emerson-Johnson

End of Session: Credits - Jared Emerson-Johnson

Outro: Happily Ever After - Jared Emerson-Johnson

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