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Trendsetters Issue 43 - Quite Jolting

Trendsetters Issue 43 - Quite Jolting
Boogieman Buddies
Trendsetters Issue 43 - Quite Jolting

This is it. #Trending returns to Halcyon with a plan to take the Transistor Tyrant and his kids down for good. But it's not just the city they're fighting for, it's basically everything from the state, the country, the continent, and even the world as d'Auffay moves ever forward for his plan of total domination. So the question will finally be answered: Who will win? A mad, magical genius who has good as dominated 90% of the super community, complete with backup from robots, martial arts masters, and mind-controlled US Government agents, or three teenagers, a collection of nanites, and the resources they have managed to scrape together?

Music Credits: Intro: Epic-hero-music - Mikhael Bureau

Team Time: Immorta's Theme - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Mission Briefing: LRSSG Briefing II - Mitsuhiro Kitadani

Call to Action: Starting - Kenichiro Suehiro

Mission Start: Heart Sound of Determination - Kenichiro Suehiro

Starfall Team: Distance - Ed Harrison

Ape Law Team: Defender - Aesop Rock

The End of the Egg Timer: Sburban Reversal - Mark Hadley

Round One: Strength in Numbers - Marco Beltrami, Philip Glass, Pete Anthony

Felix Delarue's Moment of Synthesis, Pt.1: Scars - Beat Torrent

Penny Carter's Moment of Commitment: Mankind's Last Stand - Yuzo Koshiro

The Mother of Pearl's Greatest Voyage: The Wellerman Quintet - @NathanEvanss, @jonnytmstewart, @BobbyBwaters, @AS1oan, _luke.the.voice_

Round Two: The Shots Fired - Kenichiro Suehiro

Round Three: The Only Thing I Know for Real (Instrumental) - Jamie Christopherson

Robin Butler's Moment of Apotheosis: Solar Voyage - Marcy "Shadolith" Nabors

Final Round: Shadowlord's Castle / Roar - Keiichi Okabe

Felix Delarue's Moment of Synthesis, Pt.2: Pocket Piano (Orchestral Version) - DJ Mehdi

With His Tail Between His Legs: EV43: The Dastardly Star

True Supervillainy: Savior of the Dreaming Dead - Malcolm Brown

Denouement: Requited (Dirtiest Remix) - David "Dirtiest" Dycus

The End of an Era: Evergreen - Two Steps From Hell

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