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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week

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  1. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 77 - Like Stone, Unlike Stone

    Steiner builds a big, weird shield. Roxanne conducts a tragic experiment. Grant commits to committing zoophilia. The squad squares off with a royal retinue. Music Credits: Intro/Tension: O magico - Taku Iwasaki Fight Theme 6: Doombox - Team Reptile Postfight: Explain Music - Taku Iwasaki Planning: Sense of Crisis - Taku Iwasaki Prepwork: Funny Jewelry - ...


  2. Trendsetters Issue 37 - Killer Prodigy

    The election is only days away, and yet another big shakeup is happening in the city. The Baron of Kestora, Archibald d'Auffay, also known as the Transistor Tyrant, as well as his twin children are deposed by a rebel faction, and seek asylum in America. Shortly after that, a research ...


  3. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 76 - Packed Like Sardines

    Grant catches some major air. Steiner opens his mind. Roxanne makes a new small friend. The squad stymie the siege on the resort town before hunting for its source. Music Credits: Intro/Tension: O magico - Taku Iwasaki Planning: Sense of Crisis - Taku Iwasaki Straight Creepin': ash wednesday - ALI PROJECT Fight Theme 5: Devil's ...


  4. Trendsetters Issue 36 - Joyful Quirkiness

    Nicolai tests a few more personality modes, and helps Al with his duplicates problem. Penny gets her ship back, and makes sure things happen how she remembers. Felix has a heart to heart with Gabby, and gets distracted from the big game. Robin learns the consequences of their actions at ...


  5. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 75 - A Massacre in Paradise

    Grant almost does a really cool, smart move. Steiner gets jumped twice. Roxanne plays with a dead body. The squad teams up with the enemy side to stop a siege. Music Credits: Intro: Snakes and Ladders - Emancipator Cam, the 3rd Gen: Its Name is Sora - Chikayo Fukuda A Chosen Branch: Not In ...