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An actual-play Podcast that doesn't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - Masks: A New Generation | Monster of the Week

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  1. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 76 - Packed Like Sardines

    Grant catches some major air. Steiner opens his mind. Roxanne makes a new small friend. The squad stymie the siege on the resort town before hunting for its source. Music Credits: Intro/Tension: O magico - Taku Iwasaki Planning: Sense of Crisis - Taku Iwasaki Straight Creepin': ash wednesday - ALI PROJECT Fight Theme 5: Devil's ...


  2. Trendsetters Issue 36 - Joyful Quirkiness

    Nicolai tests a few more personality modes, and helps Al with his duplicates problem. Penny gets her ship back, and makes sure things happen how she remembers. Felix has a heart to heart with Gabby, and gets distracted from the big game. Robin learns the consequences of their actions at ...


  3. The Telltale Hunt: SoCal Session 75 - A Massacre in Paradise

    Grant almost does a really cool, smart move. Steiner gets jumped twice. Roxanne plays with a dead body. The squad teams up with the enemy side to stop a siege. Music Credits: Intro: Snakes and Ladders - Emancipator Cam, the 3rd Gen: Its Name is Sora - Chikayo Fukuda A Chosen Branch: Not In ...


  4. Goblin Quest! An April Fool's One-Off

    Deep in the heart of a blighted land, there are all-powerful wizards planning a war against the forces of Good and Light. With their goal of their total destruction in mind, they have created mighty orcs, super-intelligent hobgoblins, and sneaky and sadistic bugbears. This... is not their story. Music Credits: Intro: Eye ...


  5. Trendsetters Issue 35 - Impressive Revenge

    A concentrated effort to expel Blueblade begins. With a course of action to get rid of the old sea dog set, #Trending starts the process of trying to appease him enough to get him to leave. But Switch and Sundog have a plan of their own. Will it work? Music Credits: Intro: ...