Trendsetters Issue 33 - Ghost Tirade

Episode 147 February 26, 2021 02:05:31
Boogieman Buddies
Trendsetters Issue 33 - Ghost Tirade

Show Notes

It's homecoming night, and the entirety of #Trending has shown up! But can a night just be normal for once for heroes of Halcyon city? Of course not. Which is why, fittingly, pirates invade the Under The Sea themed dance. But before that, there's plenty of hijinks to be had. Music Credits: Terror Aboard The High Seas: Pirates! - ERDENSTERN Intro: Epic-hero-music - Mikhael Bureau Diamond Dogs, Smooth: Candles and Clockwork + Moonsetter Overlay - Tyler Denver, Toby Fox, woodfur00 Team Time: Immorta's Theme - Hiroshi Yamaguchi Robin's Theme: Thermporia - Yan "Nucleose" Rodriguez Felix's Theme: Fearless First - Kevin MacLeod Party Time: Generic Dance Song 3 - Steven Polley Penny's Theme: Notation - El Huervo, Pelle Cahndlerby, Mikael Norrgard Nicolai's Theme: The Forbidden Tower - Damjan Mravunac Rising Danger: Crypto - Kevin MacLeod Scurvy Dogs: Pirates, Thugs, and Bandits - The Flight Planning: EV02 Briefing 1 - Hiroshi Yamaguchi Swashbuckling: The High Seas - Brian Tyler The Silver Skeleton: Hazardous Environments - Kelly Bailey End of Session: End Credits Suite - Christopher Young Outro: Evergreen - Two Steps From Hell

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